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Arrow shawl - english version

Here's recipe for arrow shaped shawl. I find it interesting to knit and wearable at the time. So win-win!
Using basic increases and decreases you can keep it simple using garter stitch or add some intricate patterning if you fancy. You can make huge wrap or scarflette to show off little precious skein. it's up to you! Here we go!

There's one thing you need to keep in mind if you have limited amount of yarn: the arrow you make in two stages. You start the second stage when you almost reach 1/3rd amount of yarn. "Almost" is for winning the yarn chicken game.

Ok, so you need yarn you love, needles and two stitch markers (one of them need to be easy removable)

Cast on your stitches. I made 8 stitches for sample you see on pictures. As you will see later, that amount of CO stitches won't give you sharp point. You can experiment witch less - 6 or even 4 CO stitches.

Row A: Add one stitch at the begginning AND end of row. I used knit back and front method.  Here's video how to do this - click here. In the middle of work place one marker (lets name it "middle marker"). Now you have 10 sts on needle.

Row B: kbf 1 stitch at the beginning of the row, work until 2 stitches from middle marker, ssk, move marker, k2tg, work to the end of row, kbf. You have 10 sts on needle.

Repeat rows A and B until you want (if you have unlimited amount of yarn) or until you reach almost 1/3rd of your yarn. Mark beginning of row B to avoid mistakes (side marker). 

Work, work, work and see your piece grow, grow, grow...

When you decide to move to stage two of work, you stop increasing stitches at side marked with side marker, in row A as well as B. Keep this marker in place for a while. For fe first ridges of stage 2 of work is hard to distinguish it from stage 1, so you really need this marker.
Decreasing every other row (row B) continues as established.

After few ridges you can see the second point of triangle. You can remove side marker if you like.

You just keep progressing...

...until you have one stitch before middle marker in row B . Remove the marker and bind off LOOSELY remaining stitches.

And your arrow shawl is ready!

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